Morning Sunshine

At around 6:30 in the morning, I am supposed to do some little exercise in front of my house.  Then,, I noticed that my turkeys were already doing their stretching and enjoying the morning sunshine during the day.   This is also my area where I do my stretching activity but my birds were the first to reach the place.   I enjoy watching the turkeys and I got my camera to take some pictures of them.


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Our Lady of the Rule

Last November 17, 2014, me and my son went to Opon, Lapulapu City to attend a Holy Mass in honor of their patron saint Our Lady of the Rule.  This is one of the titles of the Blessed Virgin Mary.   The feast day falls on November 22 of each year.  It was my third time to go to this place.   Many pilgrims flocked there to visit the statue of Mother Mary.  I was so thankful that my son was able to get a picture of Our Lady of the Rule just on time that no one went near to it.  Every minute there were a lot of people who went near the statue to adore and pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary.


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Nice Trimmed Plants

I was so impressed to see this kind of trimmed plants.  This photo was taken in one of the temples in Kyoto, Japan during the vacation of my best friend who is a priest.   I will introduce this art to some of my family friends who can afford to grow this kind of plants in our place.   It will be a unique garden arrangement and many people will love it.

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Ferris Wheel

I was so amazed of this photo send by my friend who was having a vacation in Japan.  I cannot imagine myself having a ride on this giant vertical revolving wheel.   As far as I can remember, I once ride a ferris wheel for the sake of curiosity.  When the passenger car of the ferris wheel I was riding started to rotate, I felt so nervous especially when it goes down.  I was so thankful I was able to finish the three rounds equivalent to my payment.

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Manta Ray

When my children were still in their elementary days, I can remember the manta rays are their favorite being a flattened fish.  The picture below was taken by my friend at Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, Japan.  I just knew that this cold blooded aquatic vertebrates are closely related to sharks.  However, these are harmless rays and have no stinging spine.  It has been said that the manta rays are acrobatic and they can even leap from the water.  The image below is really admirable.  It looks like a bird flying.  I am so thankful to my friend who shared me this.


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The Maple Tree

It has been my dream to see an actual maple tree as most of my friend in Canada and the USA talked about this plant.   This year 2014, I saw an actual leaf which was placed inside the book which was brought from one of my friends in Canada.  Unexpectedly, one of my friend who is a Priest, send me a picture of the maple tree from Japan.  He told me, he was invited to have a vacation there this Christmas season.   I was extremely happy  because I never expected to see an actual maple leaf and the photo of the maple tree.

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Unexpected Jump

Last November 15, 2014, I visited my youngest daughter in her boarding house in Cebu City, Philippines.   During my visit, we were able to have a Skype with my eldest daughter in Warren, Pennsylvania, USA.  I was so happy to see her and her two kids by viewing thru the webcam.  While I was listening the bonding moments of my two daughters , my eldest daughter interrupted their conversation when she asked her youngest sister if she heard about guitars from martin as she wanted to ship one for her as a Christmas gift.   I saw my youngest daughter jumped from her seat when she heard this.  She told me that she dreamed to have this kind of musical instrument long time ago.   On my part, I thanked also my eldest daughter for being thoughtful for her sibling.

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Catholic Cathedral in Kyoto, Japan


This is one of the photos shared by my catholic priest friend who was having a vacation in Kyoto, Japan.  The picture below is the inside view of the St. Francis  Xavier Cathedral, the Seat of the Catholic Bishop of Kyoto.   I was happy when he told me that he celebrated the Extraordinary Form or Tridentine Mass according to the 1962 Roman Missal to the Japanese Catholics there.

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