My Euphorbia milii at Home

One of my collection of flowers at home is my Crown of Thorns, scientific name – Euphorbia milii.  My youngest daughter was the one who brought this in our house.  She got it from her best friend during their high school days.  I am attracted to this plant because the flowers are so cute.   The only difference is that the body of the plant are all covered with thorns.  That is why this plant is also called the “Crown of Thorns.”

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Anahaw Seeds

Photo below was taken from our Anahaw plant which was planted in front of our house.  As far as I can remember in my elementary grades, the Anahaw leaf became the national leaf of our country because of its strong and sturdy leaves.   I did not expect that this plant has seeds for reproduction until I saw it.   The Anahaw seeds are nice to see as they look like berries.   Only, they cannot be eaten.

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Artistic Display

I saw this picture in one of the malls in Tagbilaran City during the Sandugo Festival in Bohol.   It caught my attention when I saw that the artistic display was made of native hats and native fans.   And of course, very colorful.   I knew, this only entails lesser costs because the basic materials used were produced locally.  Besides, they are promoting also our native products found in our place.  Kudos to everyone who initiate this idea.

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Gooses and Ganders

Everyday, I am the one  incharged of feeding our animals including native chickens, turkeys, dogs, cats and gooses at home.    I feed them thrice a day to be sure they will not keep on roaming around disturbing anything they can see especially our plants.   One day, after I feed my gooses and ganders.  After they were already full, I found them at rest in our backyard.   I got at once my camera and I took a picture of them.  My attention was focused on one of them sleeping with one leg standing.  I … Read more »

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My Ornamental Japanese Bamboo Grass

After the strong winds that disturbed our place as an effect of the storm that passed in our neighboring provinces, my husband and I were so busy cleaning our surroundings.  When we went to our front yard, we still recognized my ornamental Japanese bamboo grass still in good position.   I thought the stems will be uprooted.   My husband told me that it cannot be easily moved even if there is a storm.

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Nice Explanation

Last July 16, 2014, I went to the house of my former classmate in high school to inquire from her the address of our classmate who is now a lawyer. She told me to wait for a while as she was still in their beach resort. I waited in their living room. There were also some other guys sitting in the music room area who were talking about the concert of a live band who performed during the Sandugo Festival in our Province of Bohol. I heard them mentioning about rock and roll music and electric … Read more »

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Attending Priesthood Anniversary

I have a friend who is a Priest and he invited me for his Thanksgiving Mass for the third year anniversary of his priesthood.  He told me, he will celebrate the Extraordinary Form of the Mass or the Traditional Latin Mass at the small chapel at the Barracks Compound in Tagbilaran City during this occasion.  Most of the members of our Latin Community were bringing some food as we are going to eat our lunch after the Holy Mass.  Below was the picture of the cake for Fr. Aljohn for this special moment in his life.

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My Unexpected Visitor

July 19, 2014, my husband and I were both staying in our house as he has no duty yet as a security guard.  We were busy cleaning outside our house after the storm Henry passed our place.  Suddenly, we heard the sound of a vehicle going to the road leading to our house.  It was a white car.  When the driver and the passenger came out, I saw the daughter of my best friend who has just arrived from California, U.S.A. together with her boyfriend who was the one driving the vehicle.   Unexpectedly, she gave … Read more »

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