Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Bili Blanket

Last June 1, 2016, my eldest daughter delivered her third baby.  I was so happy to hear the news.  When they went home three days after her delivery, it was found out that her baby girl has high bilirubin. So, they went back to the hospital for the baby's check up.  The little girl stayed there for three days.  When the bilirubin went down, they were advised to go home.  But, their doctor advised them to rent a bilirubin blanket from the hospital to be used by the baby to help her lower her bilirubin at a normal level.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

My Experience of my Eye Cataract Operation

May 25, 2016, I woke up early as I was already scheduled for my right eye cataract operation.  I was accompanied by my husband and my son, who is a nurse in going to the Holy Name University Hospital in Tagbilaran City.  We arrived there at around 9 in the morning.  I went to the waiting area and a nurse gave me a green gown to wear for the operation.  There were already six patients waiting ahead of me. Then, it was my turn to go to the operating room.  But before that, the nurse already put eye drops several times into my right eye to dilate my pupil.  Inside the operating room, I was told to lay down on the prepared bed. Then, the nurse covered my whole body with a blanket then clean my two eye lids and then covered my head also.  I waited for a while because the doctor was still doing the finishing touches of the cataract operation of one of the patients before me.  Then, it was my turn.  I felt no pain during the operation.  My only problem was the very glaring light that I have to permanently focus while the doctor was doing his job.  The doctor keeps on telling me not to exert my muscles because it will increase the pressure of my eyes.  But I cannot help it because my right arm was not at ease because of the small space of the bed.  Then, the doctor said, THANKS GOD, were done.  Based on my own estimate, the entire cataract operation was performed for about 25 minutes.  Then, a lifter help me to get out from my bed and carried me outside the operating room thru a wheel chair.  It was past 1 pm already in the afternoon.  My husband and my son were called thru a pager then we went at once to the hospital canteen to take our lunch.  When I went outside the hospital, I cannot bear the sunlight so I have to cover my face.  We arrived home at almost 3 pm already.  THANKS GOD I was able to pass the ordeal.  I was so thankful also to my husband, my eldest daughter, my son and my youngest daughter who helped me both financially and emotionally.  Their prayers and presence made me strong.  When I have my follow check up last May 28, 2016, every thing went well as I have already felt good.  I give my self, a one year period for the full healing of my right eye. God Willing, my left eye will be scheduled for cataract operation next year.