Thursday, October 20, 2016

Our Newly Acquired Cow

Last October 17, 2016, me and my hubby decided to buy a cow as my eldest daughter, Lady Carmel, was very willing to send money for this purpose.  Just on time also, that a relative of my husband went to the house of my parents in law and he told him that he has a pregnant cow which he was willing to sell.  The photo above was the cow he was referring to. We bought it for P30,000.00 payable within three months.  With the Blessings from God, the pregnant cow is expected to deliver her calf on the 25th of December this year 2016.

Exchanging Pleasantries

Last October 15, 2016 was the Feast of Saint Teresa of Avila.  Our Traditional Latin Community celebrated the feast day with the celebration of the Holy Mass in the afternoon of the same day.  After which, we ate our heavy snacks which was prepared by the in charge of the small convent beside the chapel. During the gathering at the dining table, the priest who celebrated the Holy Mass was with us also exchanging pleasantries with the church goers about his new assignment as a Parish Priest in one of the parishes in the Diocese of Tagbilaran.  While I was listening to his words, he mentioned about his nephew who is now living in the United States of America who is looking for musical instrument parts in their area. He asked the group if somebody can suggest to him any idea about this.  I interfered at once and I humbly told him that he can suggest to his relative that he can refer to music shops on line in the US that can be trusted most. He was so happy and he thanked me of my good idea. On my part, I felt a lot of joy within me that I was able to help in one way or another.