Monday, June 22, 2015

For Firewood

Photo below were some of the remaining branches of our mahogany  tress that were no longer cut into lumber.   My husband planned to cut this into small measurements that can be sold as firewood so we can earn something out of it.  In our area, a bunch of small branches for firewood costs P15.00 per bundle.  If ever we can have income out of this, we plan to buy plywood little by little for the ceiling of our living room and dining room.

Our Newly Cut Mahogany Lumber

We were so happy that our mahogany trees were cut into lumber last June 15, 2015.  We did not expect we can have this lumber from our mahogany trees.  When we buy it from the lumber dealers, this will cost us around P50,000.00.  Out of our 13 mahogany trees, we were able to gather 1,021 board feet of lumber.  It pays to plant trees.