Saturday, July 16, 2016

Blessed Maria Pierina

This was the photo of Blessed Maria Pierina  which was placed inside our living room last May 23, 2016.  Her true name is GIUSEPPINA DE MICHELI . According to the Brothers of the Holy Face who took care of her, only one miracle is needed in order for her to be canonized as one of the Saints of the Roman Catholic Church. We will always pray she will be granted this one miracle as soon as possible. 

The Blessing

During the visit of the First Class relic of Blessed Maria Pierina de Micheli in our house last May 23, 2016, one of the Brothers of the Holy Face of Jesus placed the relic on top of the head of my husband as a sign of blessing for him. This is for his protection from both bodily and spiritual enemies.  My home was so blessed for this is only a very rare happening in our lives.