The Church Triumphant

November 1, 2014, The day of the Church Triumphant of the Roman Catholic Church.  It is the Feast of the Solemnity of All Saints in Heaven. We were privileged to have a Solemn High Mass on this day.  My friend told me to invoke five Saints and write it on a piece of paper and give it to the priests who will celebrate the said Holy Mass.  She was surprised when I told her I wrote almost sixty to seventy Saints whom I invoked to pray for all of us.

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My Tarsier Cat

At home, I have six pet cats.   One of them, looks like the Philippine Tarsier because this cat is very small as compared to the five others.  I was able to take a picture of this cat when she climbed in one of the mahogany trees in my backyard.   She has different beautiful poses which I did not expect.  My hubby and I enjoyed enjoyed watching her of what she was doing.   In times that we are alone in the house, my pet cats made us happy as they keep on playing day and night.  It is worth raising them.



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Sta. Monica Parish

Photo below is the outside view of the Sta. Monica Parish in Alburquerque, Bohol, Philippines.   It is also one of the oldest churches in our province.  Thanks God this was not totally destroyed during the earthquake last year 2013.  As we can see, there is a concrete bridge that connects the big convent to the church.  I passed the bridge once when we went inside the church as the main door was not opened because our visit falls on a weekday.

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Making Others Happy

October 1, 2014, the co-worker of my husband went to our house early in the morning.   I was really surprised as it was unusual for me.  My husband met him at our car porch and was also astonished of such a visit.  When they have their conversation, I heard them talking about the coming fiesta celebration of their village on the last Sunday of October 2014 and the preparation of a nightly performance.   He asked my husband if he had an idea about drum sets since the musical group or band of which his son is a drummer would like to buy a brand new drum kit.  My husband being fond of this musical instrument advised his friend that they can get one from an on line store which he knew.  He guaranteed him that their drums can perform at all dynamic levels from a whisper to a thunder.  I saw the face of his co-worker who was amused of his answer.  I think he became interested of the inputs he got from my hubby when he left the house.

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The Lizard Egg

As I was cleaning the bedroom of my son, I found a small egg on top of his bed.  It was an egg of a small lizard that stays inside our house.    I am so thankful of our small lizards at they eat the mosquitoes that enters our house.   I seldom see these little creatures as they stay mostly at the upper portion of the roof of our building.   As we can see the picture below, I was able to create a little art, the egg being placed at the center of the designed flower.



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The Lanzones Fruits

Last year, October 15, 2013, our Province of Bohol was hit by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake.   It is still fresh in my mind of what happened during that time.  I recalled the story of my brother, how his two kids escaped from death because of the lanzones fruits.  In the morning of October 15, 2013 at around 7:30, the youngest daughter of my brother woke up early because she wants to eat the lanzones fruits which was brought by her mother in the previous day.  Her mother thinking that the young girl would consumed all the fruits as it was only one kilogram in weight, woke up her two children who were still sleeping at that time.  Her son woke up first followed by her eldest daughter.  While all of them were in the dining table, at around 8:12 in the morning, the ground shake heavily and the hollow blocks inside their bedroom fell down at the place where the kids sleep. The kids cried aloud as they were so thankful to God that nothing happened to them. With this story, I can say that because of the lanzones fruits, their lives were spared from the horrible calamity.

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Simple Carving

This is one of the carvings I saw in one of the chapels in our place.  It is a combination of letters that forms an abbreviation for the name of Jesus Christ traditionally used as Christian symbol.  In some Roman Catholic Churches in our Province of Bohol, the symbol for Jesus Savior of Men is IHS meaning Iesus (Jesus) Hominum Salvator  because there is no J in Latin. The carved design was attached in front of an altar table where the Holy Mass is being celebrated.



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My Birthday Gift

I was surprised when my youngest daughter handed to me this beautiful bag  during my birthday last August 8.    My happiness cannot be explained because I did not expect anything from her as she just started working in a call center in Cebu City.  I have been planning for a long time already to change my old bag which was given to me by my friend. I kissed my little baby of her being thoughtful.  I blessed her with my right hand and I pray that the Almighty God will give her more Blessings and Graces both materially and spiritually.


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