Monday, August 10, 2015

My 2015 Birthday Celebration

One of my happiest birthday also was this year 2015. My son and my youngest daughter brought me to one of the newly opened seafood restaurant in our place.  I did not expect this because I do not want them to spend a lot for my birthday.  I told them that I wanted only a simple celebration at home.  My son insisted that aside from the food preparation in our house, they wanted also to treat me in one of the finest restaurant in town.  Deep inside me, I thanked God for giving me my kids who are so thoughtful.  

Bible Conference

Last August 1, 2015, I was able to have a skype with my daughter who is now  living in Pennsylvania USA.   Most of the topics we talked about was her experience  with the Bible Conference she had attended in Ohio, USA.   She mentioned to me about the soundcraft si performer which the organizers used during the said assembly.   I just keep on listening to her when she said that it has grabbed a lot of attention being an excellent mixing desk. She told me that everybody who attended the said convention was so impressed of the digital mixer as the live sound it produces was ideal for the said conference.  In my mind, I was thankful  that she enjoyed her life there.