Simple Carving

This is one of the carvings I saw in one of the chapels in our place.  It is a combination of letters that forms an abbreviation for the name of Jesus Christ traditionally used as Christian symbol.  In some Roman Catholic Churches in our Province of Bohol, the symbol for Jesus Savior of Men is IHS meaning Iesus (Jesus) Hominum Salvator  because there is no J in Latin. The carved design was attached in front of an altar table where the Holy Mass is being celebrated.



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My Birthday Gift

I was surprised when my youngest daughter handed to me this beautiful bag  during my birthday last August 8.    My happiness cannot be explained because I did not expect anything from her as she just started working in a call center in Cebu City.  I have been planning for a long time already to change my old bag which was given to me by my friend. I kissed my little baby of her being thoughtful.  I blessed her with my right hand and I pray that the Almighty God will give her more Blessings and Graces both materially and spiritually.


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Sample Houses

I was attracted to this sample houses which was being displayed in one of the public places in our Province of Bohol.  As far as I knew these were the type of houses which were given to the earthquake victims last October 15, 2013.  For me, it is much better at least those families whose house were totally damaged can now live a better dwelling.  According to some people I knew, the building costs around P70,000 to P80,000 as it is made only of light materials.

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The Big Kneeler

Another carpentry work of my husband for the private chapel of my best friend, the big kneeler.   I did not expect he can make this one.  The materials used for this kneeler is the mahogany wood.   My best friend harvested one of their fifteen year old mahogany trees in order to make at least two kneelers for the chapel.  It is really very advantageous if we have our own wood.


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The Big Pizza

My first time to see this kind of big pizza in our place.  This was during the occasion of the birthday of my friend who is a priest.  He treated us for a light dinner.   We were all surprised of the big pizza which was placed on top of the table.  One guest told me that this is very common now a days to attract more customers.   For me, the taste is good because of the complete ingredients it contains.


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The Basket

I was so happy to have this basket.  This was the idea of my husband to buy one.   Supposedly, he wants to buy a basket from Antequera, Bohol which is noted to have  a major industry of cottage basket weaving.  But I told him, the place is a little bit far from our residence.  Besides, we are not planning to buy a hundreds of stocks.  So, when we went to the the market place in our hometown, we decided to buy a basket which was sold by an ambulant vendor inside the market.  It was made of bamboo materials.  We used the basket for stocking of leftover food for our animals.  We hanged it so that the ants cannot crawl on the food stocks.


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Altar Table

Below is the picture of the altar table for the private chapel of my family friend which was made by my hubby last August 2014.   I persuaded him to do the work as the labor cost of it is too expensive if other carpenters have done it.   The wood materials were provided by the owner.  It came matured mahogany trees she owned near their house.  The four small posts which were decorated in front of the altar table were made of molave tugas tree which we harvested from our backyard.  We will still put a carving of the Agnus Dei at the center of the front view soon.



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Natural Source of Iodine

The picture below is one of the seaweeds found in our place.   It is edible.  Based on my research, it is one of the natural source of iodine needed for our body.   I always encourage my kids to eat this kind of food than obtain it from food supplements which is mostly synthetic.  I like this kind of sea vegetable because it is soft.


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