After Pinning & Sagbay Ceremony

After the Pinning & Sagbay Ceremony, my youngest daughter went to our place inside the gym and bonded with us for the short break.  I cannot describe my happiness inside me when I saw my daughter in this happy moment of her life.  She has stopped schooling in college for about two years in order that her brother can finish his nursing course.  I thank God, she did not lost hope that she can still finish her studies.  The next activity after this ceremony will be tribute to parents.

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Performing Arts Awardee

Last April 3, 2014, my youngest daughter, Cecile Ann Faburada, was one of the Performing Arts Awardee during the Graduation Rites in Nursing Course of Holy Name University in Tagbilaran City.  My husband and I was very happy she was also very active in the extra curricular activities of their school.  I asked Cecile Ann what was her specialty in this field and she told me she was doing more on singing.  We congratulated her that she was recognized of having such talent.

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My Parents In Law

We were so happy that my parents in law was able to attend the graduation ceremony of my youngest daughter, Cecile Ann.  My father in law is already 77 years old while my mother in law is 73 years old.  They crossed the sea with a distance of 74.8 nautical miles from Negros Oriental to Bohol just to attend the graduation rites of Cecile Ann.  We are not so worried also because there is a fast craft that caters passengers from Negros Oriental to Bohol and vice versa.  Both of them stayed in our house for … Read more »

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Ann’s Graduation

Last April  3, 2014 was the gradation day of my youngest daughter, Cecile Ann.  This affair was held at the gymnasium of Holy Name University, Tagbilaran City where she graduated in her nursing course.  It was a long whole day activity as the graduation rites was scheduled in the afternoon.  The Pinning, Sagbay Ceremony and Tribute to Parents were done in the morning.  

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1995 Special Moments

My only son, John Anthony at five years old.  I was so happy to see this picture during the graduation day of my son when he was still in kindergarten.  When he saw this photo, he was all smiles as he did not expect that I still have this documentary.   I have many pictures of him when he was still very young but it was no longer clear enough.  I was thankful that this one has no blemish yet.

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White Doves

Ten White doves at the beach which add more attraction to the place.  My youngest daughter was able to take a snap shot of it while they were all walking down the small road. White doves are symbol of purity according to the bible.  Every time I saw this creature, I am always attracted to them.  I planned to have this kind of birds at home in addition to my chickens and turkey.

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The Big Trunk

Below was my photo which was taken in 2001 during my stay in California, USA.  I saw this picture in my file but I can no longer remember the exact place of this big trunk of a tree in California, USA where it served as my background.  I happened to get a US Visa and I was able to visit the State of California.  My best friend in the USA brought me in this place where there are big trees around.                               … Read more »

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School of Fish

It was a low tide so we were able to have a short walk on the shallow waters in one of the beaches in Panglao Island.  After walking for a few meters from the shoreline, we suddenly noticed  a school of fish.  Thanks that my youngest daughter was able to bring our digital camera and she was able to take a photo of it.   I was really amazed of this little creatures because as if they are tamed.

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